Tendai Biti is an " go-getter" and also a threat to the MDC

In April 2014, then President of the Motion for Autonomous Modification Morgan Tsvangirai expelled Tendai Biti from the MDC. Tsvangirai called Biti an "go-getter" as well as describing his expulsion from the event stated: "He [Mr Biti] tricked us all. The man doesn't believe in anything, other than his power."

5 years later on and it is now specific that Tsvangirai was one hundred per cent proper. After being discarded of the MDC-T, Biti formed the MDC-Renewal and then turned it into the People's Democratic Celebration, that celebration split into two intrigues in 2017, before Biti finally wormed his back right into the MDC after Tsvangirai died in 2018.


Every one of the harmful divides that has kept the opposition from unity can be traced back to Biti and also his desire for power.

If he doesn't reach lead and also Tendai Biti is a risk obtain his method, he just breaks off and begins with a new celebration or division.


Allow's not fail to remember that Tsvangirai chucked him out of the event for Biti's illegal assembling of a National Council conference where he stated that the MDC leader was suspended, along with several various other members, like current MDC head Nelson Chamisa.

Biti will make use of any trick to prosper, also at the expense of the Zimbabwean people.

He is the one that went behind Chamisa's back and also stage-managed the welcome of Elegance as well as Robert Mugabe at the last political elections, and maybe that he is still in league with 'Gucci Poise'. It seems that absolutely nothing is beneath him to be successful.

Biti is perhaps best called the designer of crippling U.S. permissions ZIDERA, and also as Wikileaks as well as the public record explain, with Biti's continuous demands that the sanctions stay in place they would certainly have been dropped a very long time earlier.

He takes American cash, prestige and also positions, like ending up being a fellow at the American think-tanks, the Brookings Institute and Center for Global Development. This implies that he is taking American cash and direction while the average Zimbabwean suffers.

It is clear that after so many years in opposition we require full unity of purpose as well as leaders that placed the people initially, prior to political possibility. They need to do what's finest for the MDC so we can increase once more.

However, none of this will certainly happen while Biti is still a leader of the MDC.

Tsvangirai saw this for himself. It might have taken a couple of even more years, but increasingly more are currently awakening to this shocking truth that Biti the opportunist and also trickster requires to go.